Wednesday, January 11, 2006

...Kid's------Bed Wetting------Kid's...

Bed-wetting can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for a child. Me? I'm just thankful they out grow it in time. Being realistic about it is your best bet. Kids don't do it on purpose, so don't praise them when they are dry or punish them for that matter when they are wet. Just get over it and change the bed, and don't say a word. It'll go away by itself.

Some Tips:

1. Throw the bed-wetting alarms in the trash. Better yet give them away or make toys out of them.

2. Lay some extra night clothes out near by to change into. So they don't feel like a baby.

3. Put a rubber sheet cover over the mattress so even if the sheets have to be changed the bed stays dry, and this will also prevent stains to the mattress.

4. Practice patience and love - Be supportive. They will truly out grow the problem and no kid wants to wet himself. Patience and support is the bottom line.

5. If it happens every night then take your child to his doctor. The doctor can recommend some positive treatments that help.

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