Monday, January 09, 2006



If your not aware of this problem that seems to be so wide spread, then get your head out of the sand. Because everyone has ups and downs. Even the top experts on depression occasionally get bottomed out. But what is a known fact is that nearly all cases of depression can be reversed-even some of the most serious ones.


1. Feeling a little down do something active. Hanging around the house and moping is sure to make you even more depressed.

2. Search your memory banks for things you used to enjoy doing. Then, pick one-and do it!

3. Talk it out- It's always helpful to share your feelings with someone. Loved ones, friends who care about you. Tell them whats on your mind.

4. Have a good cry- If talking about your problems leads to tears-then let them flow. Crying is a wonderful release, if you know what your crying about.

5. Nutrition- Sometimes just poor or lack of nutrition, that has caused a chemical imbalance can cause depression. So be sure to eat right and drink Fruta Vida juice, it contains all the right properties that can and will help you.

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