Monday, February 27, 2006

...Cancer Causing Agents...

The United States federal government recently added more items to it's list of likely or known cancer- causing agents.
They are now telling us that viruses which cause liver disease are also linked to cancer. Yet why would that be suprising? The liver is the organ in the body which filters out all of the poisons. If it's diseased, it can't do it's job now can it?
Viruses that causes sexually transmitted diseases have also made the list. Then so did approximtely 188 paint and industrial chemicals, and house cleaners, sanitizing, and perfuming. At this increditable rate we may as well turn the clock back about 100 years to avoid getting cancer. Truly not realistic when looking at it that way.
The best and only tip I can offer is that you take the time to do a little research on nutritional foods that you can eat to counter act all of the above, or at least gain the upper hand at lowering your risk of getting cancer, and other life threatening diseases.

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